Anyone know the title of this old movie that has vaudeville in it?

Question by LordSeraph: What is the title of this old movie that has vaudeville in it?
This is an old movie, shown frequently in Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel. I forgot it’s title though. The movie features a character named Stanley who was from the dying industry of vaudeville. The setting is somewhat in a Hawaiian location, and involves romance between a soldier and a movie star. A part of the plot is that the soldier abducts her via plane into an island. In this island, the real life actress accidentally sprains her ankle while shooting a scene wherein her in-movie counterpart fell into a hole.

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Answer by HoneyBunny
Could it be “On an Island with You” (1948)?
Esther Williams sprained her ankle during the shoot. Williams also blamed [the director] for an on-set injury. For a scene in which she falls into a hole hidden by jungle foliage, the crew forgot to put padding at the spot where she was to land. As a result, she sprained her ankle and had to finish the movie on crutches. In her memoirs, she asserts that it was his responsibility to check to make sure the stunt, which looked great on the first take, was safe.

The basic plot:
While shooting on location in the South Pacific, a movie star is pursued by a handsome Naval officer who is convinced she is the girl for him.

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