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Learn in a Week, but a Lifetime to Master

If you would like to buy a Musical Saw, please check out our on-line Store where we have Musical Saws for sale.

Seriously – If you can hum or whistle then you will have no problem coming up to speed within a week. Spend an hour a day for a week and you’ll be playing beautiful music! Take a quick look at the Tutorial for 7 quick lessons.
Connecting with Others:
Check out the Musical Saw map – If you are travelling and want to connect with other Saw Players, Do you want to meet up with near by Saw Players, Are you looking for a near by Saw Player to perform at an event? – Please check out the map (And Add yourself if you care to!)

Our Workshop:
Photos of us making Musical Saws and of our shop.

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-Me on the Musical Saw with G. Nabors and J. Kriz
Coming October 22, 2022 – Florida Musical Saw Festival: Barberville, Florida, USA – for more information visit: https://floridasawfestival.com/