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Where to Buy a Musical Saw

Musical Saws – Learn in a Week, but a Lifetime to Master.

You’re here to learn how to play – and maybe even Buy a Musical Saw

What is a Musical Saw?

A musical saw looks like a normal saw. But the secret to its beautiful voice is the grade and tempering of its steel.

A great instrument for musicians of every caliber:

  • Street Performers
  • Bands (Country, Bluegrass, Indie, etc.)
  • Church Music
  • Civil War Music
  • Or just for your own enjoyment

World’s easiest instrument to learn

You’ll spend less than an hour a day practicing and in under a week you’ll be playing just about any song your audience calls out!

Everyone will love to listen to you

No matter where you go, your Musical Saw will be in demand! Retirement centers, Church/Synagogue, Parties, Radio interviews, and most importantly – just play at home for your own enjoyment.

Add a Unique element to your band

No matter what type of music you play (from Rap to Classical), a Musical Saw will fit in. Your performance will be welcomed with thunderous applause! (I’ve seen it many times – and even experienced it whenever I sit in with friends’ bands)

Click to hear its beautiful music

-Me on the Musical Saw with G. Nabors and J. Kriz

Both Beautiful and Easy – AND FUN

Very rarely in life do you ever get something for nothing – However, this is one of those times. You will be playing concert quality music in just a week without enduring years of practice. – If you can hum or whistle in tune you can have fun playing the saw!

How do I learn?

Basically, just bend the saw to change notes! – It’s that easy! – (actually, there are a few more steps so you should read my tutorial.)


“It has a very powerful and rich sound compared to most other saws I’ve heard being played.”

Intrigued? We have Musical Saws for Sale

Complete Musical Saw Package
Complete Musical Saw Package
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Baritone Musical Saw
Baritone Musical Saw
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Musical Saw Store
Musical Saw Store
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  1. I ordered a bass saw and received it on Friday, February 7th, I would like to send it back and get a smaller saw as this one is too big for me. I would appreciate it if you can help me out, as I would love to learn how to play the saw but I cannot manage the size of the bass saw. Thank you.

    Take care,
    Jonathon Pereyra

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