Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution

The late 1990’s dance craze inspired a new meaning for the word “revolution”. To legions of fun loving movers and groovers, “revolution” was a noun that meant “a gadget offering extreme activity and excitement, and immeasurable enjoyment and relaxation.” This form of revolution also provided a great way to keep in shape. This was the Dance Revolution.

Dance Revolution is an addictive, indulgent gizmo that has entranced kids, teenagers and adults alike. Like karaoke, the machine plays a selection of popular songs. The difference is that players move along to follow the dance steps. Even older generations receive hours of enjoyment with this crazy stuff called Dance Revolution.

Japan was first to introduce this unique method of having fun. Dance Revolution creators saw huge profits because of the phenomenal success of their products. With popularity as widespread as television, virtually every household in Japan has its own Dance Revolution set for the family’s pleasure and enjoyment.

The Dance Revolution series has been a home and arcade favorite for many years in Japan. There are half a dozen different versions of the game, and a handful of rip-offs and spin-offs have been introduced. Dance Revolution hit US arcades in 2000, showing American kids what they’ve been missing out on. Like their Japanese counterparts, the American kids and teens tried it and loved it.

People who love singing karaoke tend to envy those who use Dance Revolution. It’s as if they are exercising their love of dance and creating their very own revolution. But singers take heart; the latest technology has introduced the Karaoke Revolution, a new gadget that is bringing much joy and excitement.

Karaoke Revolution follows the same concept as basic karaoke, and like its predecessor, was introduced in Japan. The initial product was improved by Japanese developers, making it easier to handle and more comfortable to use. Since then, Karaoke Revolution has enjoyed popularity in a number of countries including the United States. American people have adapted karaoke singing into their leisure lifestyle, partly due to the fact that Karaoke Revolution offers an easy to use option.

Since the karaoke phenomenon first took hold many years ago in the U.S., people have been devising new ideas to bring singing back into the home. In Japan, karaoke (pronounced “kah-rah-oh-kay”) has become standard party and picnic fare thanks to portable machines.

To make the karaoke world come to life, Karaoke Revolution uses a screen with eight characters to choose from, each with up to four outfits. Eight different settings provide the perfect backdrop, from a house party to a stadium show. A back up band will be there to play your tune and support you, but it’s the on-screen crowd that you really need to please.

Karaoke Revolution uses a scoring system based on rhythm and pitch. If you hit the right tones at the right times, you’ll score points. As your song plays, you’ll see bars move from the right side of the screen to the left, along with the lyrics. Each bar represents the pitch and length of each word of the song. Higher bars denote a high pitch. If the bar is flat, the tone should be steady. If you see a long and squiggly trail, you’ve got a serious vocal workout ahead of you. Karaoke Revolution software is available at game retailers, and additional songs can be downloaded for free on the Internet.

Like the name suggests, Karaoke Revolution did create a revolution for the listless karaoke set. The game adds a whole new element of fun and excitement to the favorite pastime. It’s a fun hobby and can bring a real sense of personal satisfaction to its users. Put a song in your heart, and try Karaoke Revolution today.

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