Greatest Arab Composers of All Time

Arabic music can be characterized as very alive and independent. In its colorful history of integrating with music from other regional genres and styles, Arabic music has resulted to the kind of music that most of the time radiate an atmosphere of festivity. Today, there are many renowned Arabic composers and musicians who did very well not only in the local music industry but also around the world. Below are some of the most famous Arab composers with few of their well known works.

Saleh Al-Kuwaity

When it comes to the 20th century Arab and Iraqi music, Saleh is one of the most popular figures that can be attributed to it. His Iraqi Jewish family was living in Kuwait when he was born in 1908. Saleh has a brother named Daoud who like him also became famous in the music industry. Saleh is a genius musician for he has created a new style of Iraqi music. From the traditional Iraqi maqam music, which is characterized by restrictions, he created an Iraqi maqam music that is free of restrictions. To add more taste to it, he mixed it with urban music.

Saleh Al-Kuwaity’s songs have transcended generations. People today are still singing his famous compositions. He has written meaningful songs for stars such as Munira Al-Hawazwaz, Zohour Hussein, Afifa Iskander, and Zakiya George. Part also of their precious achievements was them becoming one of the favorite entertainers of King Faisal. HE and his brother Daoud have composed music and performed them during formal gatherings. One of the most notable was during the coronation ceremony of King Faisal. The two have also took part in the establishment of the first radio station in Iraq.

One of his famous compositions was his first song entitled

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