Top Ten African Composers

Like Asian music, it is hard to generalize African music. It would be easier to characterize them according to its region such as North Africa, East Africa, South Central Africa, and West Africa. But the most common in most African music is its festive mood. Below are some of the most famous and notable composers in Africa.

  • Michael Mosoeu Moerane
    Moerane is a South African pianist, choral director, and composer. He is the first black to graduate in music at the South African University.

    One of his famous compositions is Fatse la heso (My Country). His other popular works include Chorale, Sunrise, and Why Worry? He has also composed for solo performances. These include Joy ride, Fantasia, Lonesome, and In Hout Bay.

  • Solomon Popoli Linda
    Linda is a South African singer, musician, and composer. He has written the popular song

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