Top Ten Most Expensive Musical Instruments

Just like any piece of art, fine musical instruments can increase its value over a certain period of time. But to determine its value more than its worth when it was bought decades ago or even a few hundred years back, the quality and condition, on who played it (great musical geniuses and even its previous elite owners), and on who made it are all highly considered. Its value also increases especially if few or limited instruments of its kind exist in the market.

However, some collectors also have their own set of criteria like if it is a newly discovered piece of antique, etc. With this, it is no surprise that some musical instruments are valued at whopping millions of dollars or close to it like this Top Ten Most Expensive Musical Instruments.

  1. Jens Ritter’s bass guitar is a work in progress and once finished, it is estimated to value at $100,000 USD making it the world’s most expensive in its category. The bass is being made by Germany-based luthier named Deidesheim who is driven to perfect his creation

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