The Relationship between Music and Worship

Music yields many benefits be it in emotional, psychological, mental and physical aspects. Music helps cure ailments and basically it is used for a man’s well being. Even recently, several studies show how music affects the brain and how music can affect spirituality.

There are even recent and modern studies that use brain scans to detect how music affects brain activities and its relation to spirituality and religion. The research brings science to an old belief that normally cannot be or in any way supported by science. Yet, there are efforts that tried to decode and understand how a human mind works and how music affects the mind that leads to a man’s deeper spirituality.

The scientific efforts further give importance to music and how it is placed as an integral part in a man’s spirituality and religion. Even various researchers and anthropologist suggest that music are perhaps used by ancient men in a social and religious context.

Like in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, music plays a significant part in the religious celebration honoring their gods and deities. Music has a special place in the culture of ancient civilizations. In ancient Greece, it was believed that music nurtures the relationship of man with his god, and along with it are the myths that surround various musical instruments

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