Top Ten Strange Musical Instruments

Music is a powerful element that contributes to and promotes the culture of a society. That is why if you take a look at the history of different countries, music will always be a part of its progress and advancement. There are probably hundreds or thousands of musical instruments in the world, and their use all depend on the culture and tradition of a certain group or place. But in most cases, the guitar, the drums, the harmonica, the flute among others, are used to accompany the human voice when a musical composition is built. More than the conventional musical instruments, there are strange instruments which we barely know about because of its rarity and unusualness:

  1. The Tsabouna. Mostly used in African countries, the Tsabouna is an instrument made of goatskin and is inflated by blowing into the mouthpiece as the other end is played like a flute.
  2. The Tesla Coils. The Tesla Coils are two identical high power solid state which generate sparks, which in turn produce the music. Amazingly, it involves no speakers. They are seven feet tall, each capable of putting out over 12 feet sparks. It does not look like a musical instrument though, and is not normally considered as one, but it is definitely the strangest music producing instrument the world has even seen.
  3. The Hurdy Gurdy. It is actually a musical instrument which looks similar to the violin except that it is played with a rosined wheel.
  4. The Wave Organ. Considered as one of the strangest musical instruments, the Wave Organ is the first musical instrument played by the sea. As waves move in and out of the tubes of the wave organ, the air is in turn pushed in and out of the tubes. The movement of the air creates the random sounds which are heard through openings on the surface.
  5. The Aeolian Wind Harp. The Aeolian Wind Harp is a musical instrument played by the wind. It was originally designed to be played by the wind and not by humans.
  6. The Didgeroo. This instrument is also known as the oldest wind instrument. Although it is somewhat popular to the whole world, it produces a strange sound, which is why it is considered strange.
  7. The Ukelin. This musical instrument is a combination of two sets of strings, one group is composed of sixteen strings and the other group is composed of four strings. What makes this instrument so strange is that it is also combination of the ukulele and the violin.
  8. The Stalacpipe Organ. It is considered to be one of the largest musical instruments in the world. It is also the world’s oldest natural lithophone.
  9. The Theremin. It is considered as one of the first electronic musical instruments. It is also considered as the first instrument to be played without physical contact from humans. Controlled by two metal antennae, the position of the player’s hands are sensed and the sound produced is controlled. The electrical signals from the Theremin are amplified and sent to a loud speaker to be heard with a sufficient volume. The name

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