Top Ten Music Festivals around the World

Surely, you have a lot of friends and relatives who like music. Be it talented or not, there are indeed many music lovers all around the world. It is one thing that different people from different countries approve and get along with. Music indeed is a universal language that every human being appreciates. People show talents and their love for music in so many different ways. And one of the many ways is celebrating music festivals. There are too many music festivals all around the world and the festivals also depend on the genre and season it is being held. The following are the top ten of the world’s music festivals held every summer:

  1. The Sitka Summer Music Festival Extraordinaire. This festival started in 1972 and held in Alaska. It shows the talents of the Alaska state.
  2. Rock al Parque festival. This festival is celebrated in the capital city of Colombia, a place called Bogot. It has been celebrated since the year 1995. Rock al Parque festival is actually the largest festival in the entire South American continent. Though the first festival only featured only rock music, the next editions featured genres like salsa, hip-hop, Zarzuela, and Colombian music, which is referred to as Colombia al parquet, featured.

    People would indeed have a truly unique experience in this summer adventure. People could bring families along in this festival for there are no charges at the entrance. Attending the festival would be a great starting point for people who have interest in the South American culture. It is good to know that the Colombian government always puts it on the list of its priorities.

  3. The World Sacred Music Festival. The festival is held in Los Angeles, California. It is celebrated for sixteen days. More than 1,000 artists celebrate the festival and show culture and their artistic talents through different music genres.
  4. Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, Japan. In Japan, the Fuji Rock festival takes place. The festival features as many as two hundred Japanese and even international musicians and performers. The summer festival is indeed the greatest social gathering in Japan and premiered in 1998. Not only Japanese people love it but also people from Europe and North America.
  5. The Lollapalooza Summer Music Festival. Began as a tourist show in 1991, it became a dream of every person who loves summer fun. It made Chicago into one gathering place that people have fun during summer.
  6. Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England. This fun and exciting festival takes place in Europe. It brings the Somerset neighborhood to life with performances of arts and nonstop music for three days. It takes place in the main arena and other smaller tents. The largest tent in the world is shown in the festival and makes it the most awaited point.
  7. The EXIT Festival. This festival takes place in Serbia. It was founded in the year 2000 by two university students. Political consciousness has been blended with the celebration and the genres rock, techno, electronica and techno were played. The festival is always held in Petrovaradin Fortress.
  8. The Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The festival has music, culture and awareness on humanism as highlights. The spotlight has the Scandinavian origin as their focus.
  9. The Austere Milwaukee Summerfest. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this festival is the largest music festival in the world. It lasts for eleven days and features more than seven hundred bands. It is always held in Milwaukee, USA and was held through the efforts of Henry Maier, Milwaukee mayor in 1960.
  10. Central Park Summerstage Music Fest. This music festival happens in New York. At first it was held in at Avenue Park in 1986 but eight years later, it was then transferred and held at the City Park Foundation. The festival wishes to bring people close together on the same platform. The history and backgrounds of the participants makes the whole festival a more exciting one. Another thing that makes it good is that the festival is free and has high quality entertainment. National and even international composers and performers get to play on the same platform.
  11. Finally, let’s not forget the two Musical Saw festivals held every year. One in San Jose, California and the other in New York. Both held in August.

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