The Life of a Street Musician

As music is part of every known culture, and with this, a part of every human being, there are people who choose to make music as their profession. They are called musicians. They compose music with different orders of rhythms, tones and tempo. Most of them put these compositions on record and sell them in millions of copies all over the world. This makes musicians popular and wealthy. Too many musicians have gone to the hall of fame, and have become the most famous people who leave statements all over the world through their music. Some have even become famous Hollywood stars and made it to the big screen. Music became their stepping stone to fame and fortune. Yet some musicians make it big one moment, and the next thing they know, they are out of the picture. Some musicians, such as The Beatles, make it big and put into record and history the type of music that they produce.

Joshua Kerviv, the street musician

Yet what most people take for granted to put on record and cultural history are the musicians who opt to take the smaller stage. Joshua Kerviv, a street musician who plays the violin, is one of those who oddly take the streets as their stage for their live performance. Joshua Kerviv learned how to play the violin from his father who graduated from the Curtis Institute of Philadelphia. Ironically, despite Joshua’s mastery in playing the instrument, he prefers to make too little money by playing it on the streets. He gets out into the streets with probably the simplest clothes or outfits, and chooses to play his violin in a busy and noisy place. As he moves his bow across his violin and plays a recent composition called Nocturne X, the noises seem to fade away and his music sweeps across the place along with the air. Yet this does not mean the busy passers-by are amazed. They continue their errands, walk hurriedly and think of their daily routine. He is twenty six years old and said he had never expected to play his violin in the middle of a busy suburban train station where people get to hear his music without even paying attention to it. He dreams of playing at Carnegie Hall, but the dream, as he says, is actually a little high. Joshua is keeping his hopes high, but as of the present, he said he will be playing anywhere possible for the love of his passion and some money.

Joshua played for three straight hours and got five dollars from an onlooker as he played

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