The Benefits of Listening to Music

The most amazing fact about music is that it is unique to human being. There is no other creature on earth that can create and appreciate music except for man. As such, listening to music is a unique benefit reserved only to us. There are countless benefits of listening to music, especially in the realm of psychology, health and spirituality, but the following six benefits of music are the most dominant of them all.

1.Music unites culture. One of the most interesting benefits of listening to music is that we are able to understand and find a personal link to the cultural heritage of music, such as the time when the music was composed, the place where it was released, and the message of the music. In fact, music is so universal that it does not recognize any culture. It goes into the soul of the music lovers, wherever they are in the world or even if they do not understand the language. Music makes people one.

2.Music helps develop intelligence. Aside from the overall requirement of being an artist, playing music needs a little bit of knowledge and intelligence. But music is so powerful that it can influence the intelligence of a person even before s/he is born. In fact, research and studies show that music can significantly improve the intelligence of embryos and kids alike. That is why pregnant mothers are encouraged to listen to classical music to help nurture the intelligence of their unborn babies. In the end, music is not only beneficial to children, they also improve the psychological wellbeing of mothers.

3.Music dissolves negative emotions. The power of music is not only limited to giving lonely people the energy they need to fuel their day. Music is such a powerful tool used by many of us in dissolving heavy and negative emotions. Music indeed is a gift from and to the human beings. Listening to music can lead us to love life more despite the many difficulties that come our way. Life sometimes can become burdensome, but music is effective in removing negative emotions from our hearts. Music can transform a gloomy day into a day filled with happiness and joy.

4.Music is an effective therapy tool. Music is so encompassing that even people afflicted with pain can really benefit from listening to music. Its magical effect on patients can help them recover from pain and diseases. In fact, it has been proven through research that mentally ill patients positively respond to music and effectively alleviate their mental illness. Today, in almost all psychiatric hospitals, music is an important component in the treatment of their patients.

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