Is the Singing Saw a heard instrument to self teach?

Question by ANDREW: I’ve heard that the Singing Saw is a heard instrument to self teach – True or False? I’m very interested in the Singing Saw, and just want to know what I need to play it, and where to get it, is it hard to learn? and is there online lessons? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Musical Saw– The fundamentals are very easy. Within minutes you should be makings sounds – maybe not music quite yet, but the music will come quickly.  After a few days of making sounds you should work on trying to play simple songs. After that, how beautiful the music is depends upon your ear.  If you are tone deaf, this is probably a lost cause.  But if you can whistle or hum in tune then you are well on your way. The better your ear, the better your music. There are ample tutorials on the internet or YouTube. Do a search for “Musical Saw Tutorial” or Musical Saw Lessons” and you’ll find many.

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