Didgeridoos – Two Masters on Youtube

Here’s a couple of treats for you whether or not you play didgeridoo.
These two guys are incredibly impressive on so many planes. And if you can imagine it – how about playing a Musical Saw duet along with this music!

Give ’em a listen:

And here’s Jerry Donovan…

Musical Saws are great ensemble instruments (of course, they should still be the feature!) But, if just playing solo without accompaniement sometimes the music may get a bit muddy. I’ve always worked with more mainstream musicians, but only because didgeridoo players (and the like) are hard to find.

Folk Music

The word “Folk Music” is a descriptor for both traditional, contemporary music as well as a host of other sub-genres. Other terms to describe Folk Music are: Traditional (Trad), Mountain, ethnic, world, and roots music. The term “Folk Musician” has fallen out of favor and now they are refered to as: “Singer Songwriters”. In the most historic base of folk music, you will never be able to discern the lyricist, composer, arranger, etc. as the music in all liklihood is the result of a joint effort of the community or society. (Plus eons of new musicians tweaking various elements over time).

Under the Folk umbrella are specialty genres, some of which I have listed(ie.):

  1. Old-Time Music
  2. Cowboy Songs
  3. Protest Songs
  4. Folk punk
  5. Indie folk
  6. Electronic-folk
  7. Freak folk
  8. Americana

There’s also racially charged folk music and politicaly oriented folk music both have a similar bent albeit with vastly different goals.

Folk music is immutable in that it is not era-specific and musch of folk musci will transcend geographic, social, cultural, and temporal boundaries.