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Complete Musical Saw Package (Tenor Saw)
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Complete Musical Saw Package (Tenor Saw)

5 piece set: Concert quality Musical Saw (Tenor), Cello bow, Case, Rosin, and Tip Handle

'"Tenor" Musical Saw'
This saw will deliver over two octaves, strong sustain, and volume. This saw excels in all 4 characteristics used to grade a saw:

  1. Volume
  2. Sustain
  3. Range
  4. Timbre

'"Brazilwood" Cello Bow'
Brazilwood, round stick, fully-lined ebony frog with Parisian eye, silver button and silver wound (immitation), and genuine horsehair. These premium bows are ideal for musical saws. The inherent firmness delivers the extra pressure needed when playing the musical saw.

Musical Saw Case
Protect your saw/bow with this black vinyl Musical Saw Case. Plus keep all your gear (rosin, Tip Handle, Bow) in one place. Case Comes with vinyl scabbard for your bow and internal pocket for rosin/Tip Handle

Tip Handle (Cheat)
Tip Handles make Saw playing much more pleasureable. No more sore thumbs and wrists, you will be able to play for hours.

Cake of Rosin
Kohr brand rosin - nothing fancy - consequently quite cheap! - but guaranteed to meet all your needs for playing the musical saw

Two page set of 7 lessons. You are guaranteed to learn in a week.

This is everything you will need to play the saw. Plus you get a price break for buying the complete package.

Note about the case: It is sized for the Baritone saw, so the case will be a bit roomy for your Tenor saw.

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