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Baritone Musical Saw
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$ 53.25 $ 50.59

Baritone Musical Saw

Concert Quality - 2 Octave

The Baritone Saw is the most popular amongst Musical Saw players. A balance between cost, length, and musical range. Provides a slightly wider range than the Tenor Saw. If you are shorter than 4' 8" or so you may consider purchasing a Tenor saw instead.

My saws are fabricated from material specifically chosen for their musical characteristics. After quite a bit of experimentation I've settled on a saw that will deliver over two octaves. Musical Saws are graded on 4 characteristics and you'll find these saws unexcelled in all four.

  • Volume
  • Sustain
  • Range
  • Timbre

Two differences you will notice right away between these musical saws and other saws are the wider body and how flexible the they are. The wider body aids in increasing the sustain and volume and the flexibility allows you to play over two octaves. Something else I've done is punch a hole at the tip - This allows you to use my "Economy" Tip Handle, which is threaded directly into the saw.

Quadruple Guarantee
  • Try the saw for a week, if you don't like it for any reason, return it for a full refund.
  • I promise you will learn how to play in a week. If you just can't learn to play, return the saw for a full refund.
  • The saw is guaranteed for life (under normal usage) - If it ever breaks, return it for a replacement.
  • Your phone number, email, etc. is your property. I will never sell, trade, give away any information about you.

Length30 inches (76 cm)
Lowest NoteE above middle C
Range2+ Octaves

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