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Picking Bow
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Picking Bow

Also know as a Mouth Bow, A Strumming/Rhythm Instrument - Similar to a Jews Harp

You can produce a huge variety of music/sounds. At it's most basic, you just hold the bow up to the corner of your mouth and strum it. - However, the fun begins when you do the following: Change your mouth cavity, change the tension on the bow, and rattle/stop the string - all to produce a wide variety of interesting rhythms/melodies. - Other tips: play into a metal bowl, play with a cello bow, etc.

  • 34" long.
  • Made of Cherry or White Oak with Ebony peg.
  • Reinforced Peg hole to prevent splitting.
  • Comes with a pick and guitar string.

Incredibly easy to play (even easier than the Musical Saw!) - you'll play it right out of the box.

To see the Picking Bow in action, double click this image

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