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Bamboo Didgeridoo Kit
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Bamboo Didgeridoo Kit

Didgeridoo from Indonesian Bamboo (Eco-Friendly) - intricately decorated with cloth case - Dimensions: 4 inches (10 cm) diameter x 4 feet (120 cm) long

Bamboo didgeridoo tuned to D-ish. There is a bit of tonal variation in my didges. Great back pressure, overtones, and vocals. Not only a very melodic didge but a piece of art.
Intricately painted (please note, yours will be similar to but not eactly like the picture) made of Bamboo. The carrying case is cloth, has a drawstring, and a carrying handle.
Not only do they sound beautiful while you are playing, but they are beautiful pieces of art when sitting on your wall (take a look at the mounting hooks in this catalog.
The Bamboo for these dideridoos is harvested in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner - Bamboo grows wild and there is no shortage of it. These didgeridoos are made in Micro-Workshops throughout Bali, Indonesia.

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