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Infinity Didgeridoo Kit
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Infinity Didgeridoo Kit

Infinity didg from Indonesian Mahogany (Eco-Friendly / Farmed) - intricately decorated with zipper case

Same voice as a conventional didgeridoo, this novel shape is very portable and since the bell is very close to your ear, you get to hear more of your beautiful music!
Intricately painted (please note, yours will be similar to but not eactly like the picture) made of highly polished mahogany. The carrying case is padded, has a zipper closure, and a shoulder strap and carrying handle.
Not only do they sound beautiful while you are playing, but they are beautiful pieces of art when sitting on your table or shelf.
If you are travelling or hiking, these are much more portable than conventional didgs plus their beautiful artwork and unique design make them a pleasure to play.
The Mahogany for these dideridoos is harvested in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner from tree farms. These didgeridoos are made in Micro-Workshops throughout Bali, Indonesia.

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