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Saw Case
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Saw Case

- Protect your saw/bow with this black vinyl Musical Saw Case. Plus keep all your gear (rosin, Tip Handle, Bow) in one place.

Musical Saw Case

A black vinyl case imprinted with a cute little logo. Four velcro fasteners and sized for my large (baritone) saw. Obviously, it will also accomodate my small saw (Tenor) with a little extra room.

The case comes with a scabbard to protect your bow.

Musical Saw Case

I'm holding the case open so you can see the reinforcement at the bottom to protect the case from the teeth of your saw. You can also see the pocket for your Rosin and Tip Handle.

Not only do you protect your Musical Saw and bow, but everything is stored neatly together. You won't have to worry about showing up for a performance and not being able to find your rosin.

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